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Theme UI

MDX Layout Components

The ThemeUIProvider component can be nested within a parent ThemeUIProvider, allowing you to contextually adjust styles in certain parts of a UI. This functionality can be leveraged to create custom layout components that take MDX content as children to create uniquely styled blocks of content. For example, this site's landing page uses this approach to style its content, which is written in MDX.

As an example, create a new component with the ThemeUIProvider and a wrapping <div>.

/** @jsxImportSource theme-ui */
import { ThemeUIProvider } from 'theme-ui'
export default (props) => (
<ThemeUIProvider theme={{}}>
<div {...props} />

To add styles to this component, augment the required theme prop and add an sx prop to the div.

/** @jsxImportSource theme-ui */
import { ThemeUIProvider } from 'theme-ui'
const InvertedBanner = (props) => (
styles: {
// style child elements
h1: {
fontSize: [5, 6, 7],
// swap colors for an inverted effect
color: 'background',
bg: 'primary',
px: 3,
py: 4,
export default InvertedBanner

The component above can then be imported and used within an MDX document.

import InvertedBanner from './InvertedBanner'
# Hello
This section has custom styles
This part of the document uses default styles
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