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Theme UI

Theme UI

Build consistent, themeable React UIs based on
design system constraints and design tokens

MDX + Emotion + Styled System + Typography.js

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  • Themeable

    Built for white-labels, themes, and other applications where customizing colors, typography, and layout are treated as first-class citizens
  • Interoperable

    Based on the System UI Theme Specification, Theme UI is intended to work in a variety of applications, libraries, and other UI components
  • Constraint-based

    Colors, typography, and layout styles derived from customizable design tokens and scales and rooted in constraint-based design principles
  • Styled system without having to create components
  • First class support for the css prop
  • Style MDX content with a simple, expressive API
  • Integrate with Typography.js themes
  • Works with virtually any UI component library
  • Integrate with existing Styled System component libraries
  • Quick mobile-first responsive styles
  • Built-in support for dark modes
  • Primitive page layout components
  • Plugin for use in Gatsby sites and themes