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JSX Pragma

Theme UI uses a custom create element function and JSX pragma comments to allow you to style elements with values from your theme using the sx prop.

What is JSX

JSX is an XML-like syntax extension to JavaScript. It's a syntax sugar usually used for React's createElement function. You don't need to write JSX to use React, but it's meant to make code more readable, especially for tree structures with attributes.

Given the following JSX:

// example JSX
<Button onClick={handleClick}>Hello</Button>

The above JSX syntax compiles to the following:

onClick: handleClick,

Most apps use Babel to compile JSX syntax for use with React or other similar libraries. JSX can be compiled to any function call. By default the Babel plugin will convert JSX into React.createElement, but libraries like Preact, MDX, Emotion, and Vuejs use custom create elements functions with JSX.

To change the underlying create element function, you can either add an option to the Babel plugin or you can set a pragma comment at the beginning of a module. Changing the function in the Babel plugin will transform all JSX in an application into the same function. Using a pragma comment limits the change to only the modules that it's added to. This lets you default to the React.createElement function in most places and use the custom function only where you need it, giving the author more control over where it's used.

Theme UI uses a custom create element function to add the sx and css props in React. The preferred way of using this function is by adding the custom pragma comment to the top of your file and importing the jsx function from Theme UI.

/** @jsx jsx */
import { jsx } from 'theme-ui'

See the sx prop docs to learn more.

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