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Theme UI

Migration Guides


What's New

  • Components can now be imported directly from the theme-ui package. Be sure that treeshaking is enabled with your build tool.
  • Includes smart defaults for adding base styles to the <body> element.
  • Simplified color modes API.
  • New @theme-ui/css, @theme-ui/core, @theme-ui/color-modes, and @theme-ui/mdx packages allow for more bespoke ways to use the library.

Breaking Changes

  • @emotion/core and @mdx-js/react are now dependencies of theme-ui and should not be installed separately. If you'd like to use a particular version of each library, use Yarn resolutions.
  • Theme UI context no longer provides context.components. If you're using this object from context, use the MDX hook instead. E.g. import { useMDXComponents } from '@mdx-js/react'
  • If you'd like color mode to be initialized from the prefers-color-scheme media query, you must enable the useColorSchemeMediaQuery: true flag in your theme.
  • The ColorMode component is deprecated and no longer required to add color styles to the <body> element.
  • The following components have been removed in favor of using Box and Flex components: Layout, Header, Main, Footer
  • The initialColorMode flag no longer works, use initialColorModeName instead.
  • The ThemeProvider now adds global typographic styles to the <body> element based on theme.styles.root. To disable this behavior set the useBodyStyles: false flag in your theme.
  • Theme context is now stateless. If you've made use of context.setTheme, this no longer works. An alternative approach is available with the @theme-ui/editor package.
  • The ThemeStateProvider component is no longer avialable, see @theme-ui/editor as an alternative.
  • The @theme-ui/editor package has a completely new API. Please refer to the package's for more information.


JSX Pragma

If you were using the Theme UI custom JSX pragma, rename the css prop to sx. This does not apply if you were importing and using the css utility function manually.


If you were using the theme-ui-typography package, install the new package named @theme-ui/typography instead. The toStyle API is no longer included. Use the toTheme API instead, see the Typography.js docs for how to use this utility.

Box and layout component

If you were using Styled System style props on the Box component or any other layout component, replace these props with either the sx prop or by using the css utility.


  • Replace ColorModeProvider and ComponentProvider with the ThemeProvider component.
  • The @emotion/styled package is no longer required for Theme UI. If you are not using it directly in your application, you can remove it from your dependencies.
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