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Theme UI

Linked Headings

Create anchor-linked headings in MDX.

Use remark-slug with MDX to create IDs based on the heading's content. If you're using Gatsby, add this to your gatsby-plugin-mdx options.

const remarkSlug = require('remark-slug')
module.exports = {
plugins: [
resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-mdx',
options: {
remarkPlugins: [remarkSlug],

Next create a components module to pass to MDX context. If you're using gatsby-plugin-theme-ui, add a src/gatsby-plugin-theme-ui/components.js file. If you're not using Gatsby, pass these components to the MDXProvider component.

/** @jsxImportSource theme-ui */
const heading = (Tag) => (props) => {
if (! return <Tag {...props} />
return (
<Tag {...props}>
<a href={`#${}`}>{props.children}</a>
const components = {
h1: heading('h1'),
h2: heading('h2'),
h3: heading('h3'),
h4: heading('h4'),
h5: heading('h5'),
h6: heading('h6'),
export default components
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